Clutch and Primus wake up Marymoor

​On Tuesday night, Marymoor Park in Redmond was taken down a heavy, bluesy, and bass driven road when the 2017 Primus world tour landed. With direct support from Clutch, both bands rocked the crowd to its core.

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The crowd was amped up and ready for what some people called one of THE concerts of the summer, and then drummer Jean-Paul Gaster of Clutch stepped out on stage starting the roar of the fans. One by one, vocalist Neil Fallon, bassist Dan Maines, and guitarist Tim Sult all walked out stage. Neil greeted the crowd with a smile that went from ear to ear; you could see on his face that he truly loves his job. With what can only be described as “the Fallon style”, Neil broke out with his energetic and crazy erratic body movements and signature arm. Breaking into “Cyborg Bette”, he wasted no time putting full energy into every song. With his gritty, dirty, blues vocals driving every song, it made it easy for Sult to lay down riffs and guitar solos that brought out the best dirty blues sound. When speaking to the crowd, Fallon’s voice is a bassy low tone, reminiscent of a caged animal waiting to be unleashed onto the stage. Clutch took the energy of the crowd and tweaked it into a roiling frenzy of stomping, cheering, singing fans. The crowd was thrilled to hear the classic “Escape From the Prison Planet”, and also was privy to a new song, “How to Shake Hands”. A song which is rumored to taking a stab at President Trump.

Photos of Clutch can be found here at Jared Ream Photo

Clutch Setlist:

Cyborg Bette
Crucial Velocity
Burning Beard
The Mob Goes Wild
The Face
Passive Restraints
Big News I
Escape From The Prison Planet
Noble Savage
How to Shake Hands
Slow Hole To China
Vision Quest
D.C. Sound Attack
X-Ray Visions
Gravel Road.

Primus hit the stage to a throng of applause, everyone rising to their feet. They started their 15 song main set with “American Life”, off their second album Sailing The Seas Of Cheese, and went on to play songs from their illustrious catalog of music spanning three decades. The crowd was treated with the debut of a new song, “Seven”, during the encore. This song is the first new song to be put out by Primus in six years; and the crowd loved it. Vocalist and world renown bassist Les Claypool ripped on his bass doing things, that make every other bassist in the world stand flabbergasted in amazement. With his signature slapping and popping to his rhythmic hammer ons and hammer offs. His sound and his style is known to no one else. Though some would say that his style and his craft have gotten better with his age. With backing vocals being done by guitarist Larry LaLonde, he was pouring his soul out through his guitar. They played through every song putting the heart and soul into them. While Tim Alexander held the pocket clean and clear for Claypool and LaLonde to be able to play in the music. Any fans that had not seen Primus live may have been caught off guard by the calls of “Primus Sucks”, but the devoted fans know this is the highest compliment given to this band at one of their live performances.
This was truly one of the best shows of the summer.

Photos of Primus can be found here at Jared Ream Photo

Primus Setlist:

American Life
Too Many Puppies
Sgt. Baker
Moron TV
Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver
Harold of the Rocks
Candy Man
Mr. Krinkle
Eyes of the Squirrel
Welcome to This World
Mrs. Blaileen
My Name Is Mud
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
The Seven
Here Come The Bastards

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