Bobaflex rocks Studio 7 to its core.

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One of the best bands you’ve never heard of, Bobaflex, brought their Eloquent Demons tour to Studio Seven in Seattle. With direct support from Birmingham, AL band Beitthemeans, the night was full of great music.  With a less than stellar crowd on hand, all of the bands on the bill played and rocked just as if they were playing to a jam packed house.

Opening the night was Method 13, with hard hitting riffs this 5 piece group hailing from Everett started the night with huge energy.  Front man Aaron Steinbacher, vocals were direct and ear punching.  With deep tuning grooves their style is set in aggressive and melodic them to be  Supporting him was Aaron Alday, guitar, Craig Cabana, guitar, Gerardo Pelaez, Bass, and Michael Pelaez on drums.

Second on the bill was Crowskull out of Auburn, came on stage and kept the shredding of guitar riffs and growling vocals on pace.  Driving the rage train is vocalist Jessie Walker whose piercing vocals and lyrics put the crack in the punch of the riffs of guitarist Jamie Ridder.  Blend these two pieces with the rhythm section of Don Ross on drums and Jamie Hiatt on bass you have a solid sound from beginning to end.

Third on the bill was the Alabama based boys of Beitthemeans.  This bluesy, hard rockin band is made up of a power trio consisting of Josh Jones, lead guitar and vocals,  Casey Wilson, keeping it solid on the bass, and Nathan Kelley pounding on the drums. With their album Marble City Secrets Are off in the Black was released back in 2014. The band played a killer hard rocking set that is an experience to see live. This is one of those bands that should be in your playlist.  If it isn’t already.

Bobaflex rounded out the night.  These guys played a solid set from beginning to end.  With brothers Shaun and Marty McCoy sharing the load on vocals and guitars this group puts on an amazing set from start to finish.  Starting their set with “I Am a Nighmare” off of the “Eloquent Demons” album. the whole band was truly putting everything they had into their, to include frontman Shaun getting up close and personal with the crowd.

The show changed gears when they performed a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Hey You” with a perfection level that would make David Gilmour smile take recognition.  After their set, the band came down and spent the remainder of the night talking with fans, signing autographs, and getting photos with the fans.  Showing their true appreciation to the fans who put them where are at.

Additional photos of Bobaflex available here.

Additional photos of Beitthemeans available here.

Bobaflex setlist:


Eloquent Demons (Intro)

I am a Nightmare

I’m Glad You’re Dead

Chemical Valley

Mama (Don’t Take My Drugs Away)

Never Coming Back

Long Time Coming

Hey You (Pink Floyd cover)

Bury With My Guns On

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